My reporting and essays on food, the environment, and health have been published by The Atlantic, Bon Appétit, Lucky Peach, Newsweek, Vice, and Phaidon’s forthcoming edition of Where Chefs Eat


The Atlantic

Unagi: When an Endangered Species Endangers a Culture

Bon Appétit

Where Do People With Severe Allergies Go To Dinner?

Lucky Peach (RIP)

No Fish Wasted: An Interview with Yuji Haraguchi

New Year's Mochi

Obaachan's Ozoni
Miyeko's Ozoni


Honolulu Confronts Climate Change
in the magazine: 5/13/16

Mosquito Trap Uses Human Scent as Bait
in the magazine: 2/12/16


How Food Allergies Took Over My Life


Hijiki: The Least Seaweedy Seaweed of All


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