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Food Culture

Clare de Boer & Jess Shadbolt of King (Milky)

I'll Never Eat Perfectly, and Neither Will You (BuzzFeed Reader)

Where Do People With Severe Allergies Go To Dinner? (Bon Appétit)

No Fish Wasted: An Interview with Yuji Haraguchi of Osakana, Yuji Ramen, and Okonomi (Lucky Peach)

New Year's Mochi (Lucky Peach)

When an Endangered Species Endangers a Culture (The Atlantic)

How Food Allergies Took Over My Life (VICE)

Hijiki: The Least Seaweedy Seaweed of All (Food52)

Design Culture

Private Eye: The LA LGBT Center’s New Intergenerational Campus (Metropolis)

A New Statue of Liberty Museum Opens in New York City (Metropolis)

As MoMA Prepares For Its Makeover, an Exhibition Asks, “What Is Good Design?” (Metropolis)

Denise Scott Brown’s First Solo Show on U.S. Soil Opens in New York (Metropolis)

The Illuminating Illustrations of W.E.B. Du Bois (Metropolis)

Looking Back at John Portman & Associates’ Westin Bonaventure Hotel (Metropolis)

Fondation Cartier’s Géométries Sud Celebrates Latin American Art and Architecture (Metropolis)

How Architects Fit Into Mental Health Care (Metropolis)

Begüm Cana Özgür Designs for Labor (Metropolis)

In Edmonton, Canada, a Public Pool That Cleans Without Chemicals (Metropolis)

NOMA-Nominated Web Series (Metropolis)

Work Culture

#MeToo Makes It Clear: It’s Time to Rethink the Architecture Prize (Metropolis)

Equity by Design: With Data and Community, a Changing Face of Architecture (Metropolis)

How NOMA Is Helping Architects of Color Shape Our Cities: An Interview with Kimberly Dowdell (Metropolis)

The Architecture Lobby Launches Case Studies of Fair Labor Firms (Metropolis)

Five Takeaways from the AIA’s Guides for Equitable Practice (Metropolis)

One Month Later, the Campaign to Recognize Doriana Fuksas Is Growing (Metropolis)

reporter: 2018 Equity in Architecture Survey Results Announced (Metropolis)


Design for the Public Good: A Conversation with Justin Garrett Moore and Keri Butler of the NYC Public Design Commission (Metropolis)

Design and the Just City in NYC Opens at the Center for Architecture (Metropolis)

Gensler Renovates Roche Dinkeloo’s Landmarked Ford Foundation Headquarters (Metropolis)

How to Design for Seniors When Cities Are Unaffordable (Metropolis)

A Design Lab in Kyoto Analyzes Food to See How Cities Change (Metropolis)

MVRDV Ponders Cities of the Future in PoroCity: Opening Up Solidity (Metropolis)

Interview with NYC Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen (Metropolis) 

Environment & Science

Honolulu Confronts Climate Change (Newsweek)

When an Endangered Species Endangers a Culture (The Atlantic)

Mosquito Trap Uses Human Scent as Bait (Newsweek)


Where Chefs Eat (Phaidon, 2018)
Contributing writer

The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform (Princeton Architectural Press, 2015)
Researcher and contributing writer

A University in the Town, the Town as University (Machizukuri Institute of TUS & Obuse, 2014)
Contributing writer

Volume #37: Is This Not a Pipe? (Archis, 2013)
Contributing writer and editor


David Remnick, April 2010 (Radio Open Source, producer)
Bill McKibben, May 2010 (Radio Open Source, producer)
Jill Lepore, October 2010 (Radio Open Source, producer)
Lydia Davis, January 2011 (Radio Open Source, producer)